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day_care_cleaning_crop1. Help Mom get rid of those toxic cleaning products. Choose less-toxic green cleaners that are vegetable based --- stuff that keeps the home clean and healthy and even a bit healing.




Fruit___Vegetables2. Get rid of the junk food with all those artificial preservatives, flavoring and coloring such as aspartame, BHT, all artificial sweetners and choose whole foods.  Yummy vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, grains and fruits.  These foods will keep you sharper in school, more energy for after-school sports, activities and keep you looking and feeling good about yourself.


4.2_recipe_strawberry_smoothies_3x4b3. Fix a yummy energy antioxidant packed breakfast in 5 minutes: Super Smoothies. Combine a cup of organic soy milk or coconut milk, organic frozen berries and a banana in a blender.  Add a tablespoon of ground flax seed. Energy and antioxidant packed smoothies are ideal breakfast and after-school snacks.




kids_cooking4. Make a delicious dinner/school packed lunch: Protein packed pitas: Chop some spinach, diced tomatoes or peppers, add scrambled eggs and cook in cast iron pan, then stuff into a whole grain pita pocket.  Prep time: 6-8 minutes. Almond Butter Banana Wrap---organic almond butter spread on whole grain tortilla with banana slices.  You can substitute peanut butter.


personal_care_products_25. Choose healthy beauty products like non-toxic shampoos, nail polish, makeup, deodorant and perfumes. Spend a Saturday morning at a health food store and pick your future favorites.


shutterstock_1713779366. Laugh, smile and laugh some more------sooo good for you and, it's contagious; c'mon, have a sense of humor.



Father_and_Son_crop7. Exercise, walk the dog, go for a walk, jump rope-----yes you too Mom.



writing8. Create a study area in the home that is just for you.




Sam_Farm_stand9. Visit a farmers market---build a dinner menu for the week.


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