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Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes


Mac & Cheese

Try this healty deliciouse dish
as a side or main course. It is
the perfect comfort food.
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Ranch Rosemary Scalloped Potatoes
Serve these with
 Meatless Meat Loaf 
and a green vegetable for a real
comfort-food dinner. View recipe

Brown and Wild Rice Pilaf

This chewy, nutty combination of
brown and wild rice makes a pilaf
with a pleasing complex texture
and taste. Enjoy it with just
about any main dish recipe!
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Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers

This recipe is to honor Paul Honan's
fierce commitment to the magic of
vitamin C.Red bell peppers are always
listed first in plant-based vitamin C
content. View recipe


Deirdre's Organic Mini Pecan Pies
Try this delicious treat at your
next Thanksgiving Dinner or just
enjoy on a cool autumn day.
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Carrot Cake

 Since this cake is dense, a small
slice will satisfy, but it will also stay
moist and fresh for several days.
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