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June 2009 Newletter

June 2009 Vol. 4 , No. 2   
deirdre_thumbDear Friends, 
As the school year winds down and summer comes into full swing, many of us shift gears to make way for vacation time, summer camp, and more time outdoors.  Here at the Center, we’ve begun a new initiative in integrative pediatric oncology, finding the best ways to combine conventional  cancer care with the safest and most effective complementary therapies.  As Dr. Rosen explains in his article, this is an evolving field that needs the attention of healthcare practitioners, patients, and the families of those affected by pediatric cancer.
On the research front, we’ve begun the largest research study to date examining the efficacy and safety of a non-pesticide head lice treatment for children.  Through this effort, we hope to find a better, safer way to rid our children of head lice without the need to use toxic treatments linked to a range of health problems.  Find out more on this groundbreaking effort in this issue.
Whether the season for you means new projects or a slower pace, enjoy time with the children in your life as they grow and learn in the “classroom” of summer adventures and exploration.
My best,
Deirdre Imus              
pediatric_integrative_medicinePediatric Integrative Oncology: The Future Is Now
"To identify, control and ultimately prevent exposures to environmental factors that may cause adult, and especially pediatric cancer, as well as other health problems with our children.”
By Dr. Lawrence Rosen
This is the stated mission of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology®.  And while the activities of the Center have grown to address these and many other health problems, the founding purpose – and the very name of the Center – specifically targets pediatric cancer. Read more
Headlice_CombPesticide-Free Head Lice Treatment Under Study
by The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center 
By Erin S. Ihde, MA
In May 2009, The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology® launched a groundbreaking pediatric clinical trial. Our goal is to find a safe, effective and low-cost head lice treatment, allowing children to be treated without the harmful pesticides present in most over-the-counter and prescription formulas. The pesticides in these traditional products are linked to neurological problems, cancer, and other serious health effects. Read more
Summer Fun & Safety Tips
from Holistic Pediatric Nurse 
By Karen Overgaard, L.P.N.
These tips will help ensure the children in your life stay healthy in mind, body and spirit all summer long. Read more
Capitol_HillLegislation Update:  Baby Products
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) took action to protect children’s health recently by introducing the Safe Baby Products Act, which directs the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to investigate and regulate hazardous contaminants in personal care products marketed to or used by children.  Read more
Greening the Cleaning® Makes it Easier to Go Green  
• This spring, Greening the Cleaning® is proud to announce a new partnership with Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI). more.....
•Do you want to green your neighborhood school, favorite restaurant, or workplace? The Greening the Cleaning® program from the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center can show you how, with our award-winning line of non-toxic cleaning products.  more...
Recipe:  Strawberry Smoothies
Sweet and creamy, blending the flavors of strawberries and chocolate, one of these smoothies is a healthy and filling sweet treat. Read more
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