Girl Planting seeds

Kid Power

shutterstock_171377936At The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center, we believe kids can do anything.  One way to get started on a healthy, bright future is to learn about our environment and ways to stay healthy.  Click on the links below for fun games, interesting facts, and ways to be healthy everyday.



EPA's Environmental Kids Club - Join the EPA Kids Club or just log on for fun learning on topics such as You and Your Environment, Plants and Animals, Air, Garbage and Recycling, Science Room, and more.

ToxMystery is an interactive game developed by the National Library of Medicine for educating children about potential chemical hazards around the home.

Join the 'Green Squad'
National Resources Defense Council
Learn about how to join kids taking action for healthier schools.

Start a Planet Protectors Club At Your School
Environmental Protection Agency
Learn about reducing waste, reusing and recycling things -- and teach others to do the same.

Why Does Meat Production Have Serious Impacts On Our Soil, Air and Water?

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