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shutterstock_151905905There are many green resources that show us how to improve the environment our kids and teens live in.  Here you will find information you could share with your children, and ways you can provide a greener and healthier future.   




Marco_Marissa_Yoga_Untitled-1Kid Power! 
Here you will find links to government websites for kids, parents and teachers, focusing on health, fitness, the environment and more.


Ladies_at_SpaTeens: Greener Cosmetics & Other Products 

This page is your homebase for research, news, helpful information and links about potentially hazardous teen products and greener alternatives.


captain_americaKids For Saving Earth

The mission of Kids for Saving Earth is to educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment. Kids for Saving Earth provides educational materials, posters, and a highly acclaimed web site featuring environmental education curriculum and activities. Many of our programs have been adapted to the Internet to make it faster and less costly to provide Earth-savers with updated information. Through Kids for Saving Earth's Green Shop you can order educational posters, certificates, guidebooks, CD's, "green" gifts and supplies, and much more.

classmatesGreening Your School

I recommend your children get a yearly check up that includes a brief discussion of your child’s potential exposures to environmental toxins in their environment at home, school, playground, sports, anywhere they spend a lot of time.   This should also include a focus on your child’s diet/food. These tests are usually a combination of urine and full blood work up that check levels of pesticide exposure; toxins such as cadmium, antimony, lead, mercury, aluminum, phthalates, BPA’s; PCB’s and also includes checking nutritional levels such as vitamin B, vitamin D3, iron, and zinc to make sure your child is optimized for detox/excretion. You can head off potential health problems if you know where your child’s levels are at.  For example, if your child has a low or deficient Vitamin D3 level then your pediatrician can recommend proper supplementation.


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