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March 2008 Newsletter

March 2008 Vol. 3 , No. 1 
Dear Friends, 
dimus2_smAs the spring thaw approaches, we look towards a season of growth, especially for our children.  Their natural curiosity towards the earth’s changes – the reimergence of flowers, the return of birds – pulls them outside.  This is an opportunity for discovery and hands-on learning whether it takes place in an urban park or rural farm.  As parents, there is much we can do to keep our children safe outside from everyday chemical exposures.  Eliminating lawn pesticides, using a non-toxic bug repellent, and choosing a healthier sunscreen are everyday choices that make a difference:  they help eliminate the chemical cocktail our children are exposed to, the effects of which are both scientifically demonstrated and continuing to emerge. 
 These and other ways to raise healthy kids, from birth to adulthood, are all packed into my newest book in the New York Times best-selling Green This! series.  Debuting April 15th, Green This! Growing Up Green, Baby and Child Care is an essential parent-friendly guide to raising a healthy child in an increasingly toxic environment. 
It concentrates on educating and empowering parents, and is full of research and advice, including from leading “green” pediatricians and nationally recognized doctors such as Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. We hope you enjoy the newest volume of Green This!  Let us know what you think via this link, and if you are not already a subscriber to my quarterly newsletter, sign up now to receive "Greening Your Life" in your in-box. 
For the health of our children, 
My best, 
Deirdre Imus
march-2008-growing-up-greenGrowing Up Green, Baby and Childcare Debuts April 15 
The second volume in the New York Times bestselling Green This! series from Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green, Baby and Child Care (Simon & Schuster) is a complete guide to raising healthy kids.  Environmental activist and children's advocate Deirdre Imus addresses specific issues faced by children in every age group -- from infants to adolescents and beyond.  Read more
Flame_Retardent_FurnitureDid You Know?
New Flame Retardancy Laws Mean Selection 
of Baby Mattresses Requires Special Care 
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has mandated that all new mattresses comply to new flame retardancy standards. Flame retardant laws have been in place for 30 years, but the new regulations now include a degree of fire retardancy designed to address the potential dangers of an open flame...While the law seems simple, chemicals used to achieve this degree of fire retardancy possess complex human health affects ranging from cancer to neurotoxic affects. Read more
dr__rosen_2Look What's in Plastics: 
BPA, Phthalates and PVC's, Oh My  
By Lawrence Rosen, MD 
The plastics industry is beginning to sound a bit Wizard-of-Oz'ish amid growing recognition that environmental plastic exposures may be linked to numerous 21st century health concerns.  In fact, mounting evidence shows that 1) toxic plasticizers are finding their way into formula and other infant products at alarming amounts and 2) the health effects of these chemicals may be more damaging and widespread than previously thought. Read more 
march-2008-john-guidiceThe Health of Your Family:
How to Achieve the Unfair Advantage    
By Dr.  John-Thomas Giudice, DC 
One of the objectives of the family wellness practice is to provide advice to parents and their children on how to improve lifestyle habits. When looking at the average American family, it may appear from the surface to be healthy, but look closer and you may well find that the parents have adopted poor lifestyle habits, which directly transfer to the overall wellness of their children. Read more 
Childhood_cancerPediatric Oncology Update 
The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology offers extensive resources on childhood cancer and disease prevention through our Pediatric Cancer & Disease Research page. In addition, Ms. Imus writes and speaks frequently on children's health as a columnist for the Huffington Post, and through live and on-air presentations, including as a guest most Fridays on "Imus In the Morning" nationally broadcast on ABC Radio and RFD-TV from 9-10 a.m. (Eastern).  Read more 
Pasta with Basil-Cilantro Pesto
It's another great recipe from Deirdre Imus' best-selling cookbook, Imus Ranch: Cooking for Kids and Cowboys.  In addition to this pasta recipe, the Imus' also use the basil-cilantro pesto on bread and as a vegetable dip. Ms. Imus says, "Try it and I can guarantee you’ll be using it often as well. Garnish the dish with a sprig of basil for a hint of the flavor inside."  Read more 
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