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March 2011 Newsletter

March 2011 Vol. 6 , No. 1   
december-2010-deirdreDear Friends, 
As spring arrives around the country, many of us welcome the warmer weather as a respite from the record cold and storms of this past winter. Many use this time of transition to make our homes healthier with spring cleaning. To this end, we feature "What to Avoid in Household Cleaners" to inspire your efforts. 
Here at the Center, we continue to research and report on groundbreaking children’s environmental health issues. Our Medical Advisor, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, writes on the alarming rise in childhood cancer in developing countries such as China in his article on cancer and the environment. Don O'Hagan updates us on hydraulic fracturing, which puts communities across the country at risk of toxic exposures when chemicals are pumped underground for natural gas extraction. 
While we work towards changing public perceptions on cancer rise and research the practical ways to avoid exposures, we cannot forget the critical need to take care of ourselves. In celebration of mothers everywhere as caregivers, acclaimed nurse Maureen McDonnell offers the first in a three-part series on stress reduction and self-care for mothers. 
Wishing you health and wellness, 
Deirdre Imus
dr__rosen_2Cancer and the Environment: Is the International Medical Community Waking Up?
Two recent reports highlight the impact our environment is having on rising rates of childhood cancer; one abroad and one here in the United States.  From Beijing comes the sobering news that the “Chinese mainland now has more than 32,000 children aged under 14 suffering cancer of various kinds.”  What is most surprising, beyond the report of rising rates of cancer in this age group, is the acknowledgment of Chinese health officials that the environment may be largely to blame for the increase. Read more...
maureenmcdonnell_cropped-1What About Mom?  Part I 
In addition to taking care of everyone else, busy moms need to take care of themselves too! 
I grew up in an Irish-Catholic family where little self -indulgences like getting a massage, taking a hot bath with candles or even going on a solitary walk to calm the mind were unheard of.  Subsequently, it was instilled in me from a young age that serving others without focusing on my own needs was part and parcel to my role as a woman. Read more...
don_oThe Fracking Debate Continues 
In our last newsletter, I wrote an article about hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ and the implications of pumping millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals underground to break apart the rock and release the natural gas within the New York City watershed and our environment. Read more...
Cleaning_ProductsWhat to Avoid in Your Household Cleaners 
Did you know that ingredients in many common cleaning products have been linked to cancer, asthma and other health disorders?  
march-2011-artichoke-dipHealthy Recipe: Artichoke Dip 
Artichokes are high in fiber and virtually fat-free, but preparing them from scratch can be time-consuming.  We use chopped artichoke hearts to make this tasty dip to serve with crispy chips, stoned-wheat crackers, or hearty bread. Read more...
Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Below is a list of important legislation and bills that we are tracking as well as links to some model legislation. Read more.
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