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Metamucil-Not The Right Choice!

By Vicky and the V Well Team for VWell Health
I have heard on numerous occasions, especially lately, that people are being recommended products such as Metamucil, fiber gummies, and fiber wafers. These products and other similar products often contain toxic chemicals that may keep you regular but not so happy mind you. For instance, Metamucil’s Sugar Free Pink Lemonade product contains aspartame and FD&C Red No. 40.
So, while you may get regular, at the same time who knows what else you’ll be getting! Let’s talk about healthier, natural ways to increase your fiber intake. But first, the low down on fiber:
Fiber is such an important part of our diet and one of those things you need on a daily basis. Not too much, not too little, but the right amount will keep you healthy, regular, and oh so happy (and probably everyone else around you happy).
Fiber is different from most foods that we eat in that it is not absorbed or digested. It actually passes quickly through the digestive tract, mostly intact, and it is not broken down like other foods. Because fiber is mostly left intact it creates bulk, which aids in moving stool and harmful carcinogens through the digestive tract. Without enough fiber in your diet, you will have irregularity, constipation, and sluggishness. Because fiber helps to move stool through the digestive tract and colon, it actually helps to prevent colon cancer as it keeps your colon clean and healthy. Other health benefits of fiber include reducing the incidence of heart disease; lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, and inflammation; and definitely aids in weight loss because it creates a fullness within your intestines that helps you to eat less.
Although it is extremely important to consume the appropriate amount of fiber daily, your fiber should be coming from natural sources. Here are my personal favorite ways for increasing fiber intake:
1. Legumes
2. Whole grains
3. Fruits (e.g. apples and berries)
4. Nuts
5. High fiber vegetables (e.g. celery and carrots)
My advice to you is to eat a cup of your favorite whole grains daily (I like quinoa, faro, spelt, and oat groats). Additionally, I suggest eating 10-12 raw unsalted nuts daily (I like walnuts and almonds) and loading up on your fruits and vegetables. Focusing on these few basic tips can provide you with your necessary dietary fiber needs, the healthy way.
Consult your doctor before introducing increased exercise or new items to your diet, especially those that may interact with any medication(s) and/or supplement(s) you are currently taking. Be sure to read all food and supplement labels, especially if you have any food sensitivities or allergies. These are the opinions of V Well Health. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. With regard to the Biggest Winner Challenge, if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, this program is not recommended. If you are at or under Ideal Body Weight, weight loss is not recommended.
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