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One Easy Tip For All Over Health

hot_water_lemon_news_625x430By Vicky and the V-Well Team for V Well Health
When life hands you lemons… don’t waste them on lemonade! What is the best thing you can do for your liver, digestion, skin quality and over-all health? Well, ok, the best thing you can do is drink plenty of water, but pretty much the next best thing is to heat that water and add a little lemon first thing in the morning. BUT VICKY! All that acid first thing in the morning? Well, that’s a funny thing. While lemons are acidic outside of the body, no doubt about it, as soon as they’re digested they become incredibly balancing. Yes, these sour little guys are actually alkalizing on the body.
Now, if you don’t know, which unless you’re a chemist I don’t know why you should, too much acid (produced by things like soda, greasy foods, dairy and certain sugars and gluten items) actually does the same thing to your body that it would to, I don’t know, anything. It eats away at your healthy cells over time causing everything from acne to organ malfunction. So! Now you know. What can you do to undo the damage your cells have already undergone? Balance your PH levels, of course, which – if you’ll pardon the pun- is easy peasy lemon squeezey. Here’s what I do:
Pour 1 cup of hot water into a cup and mix with the juice of one whole lemon. Slicing the lemon in half length wise instead of across will yield more juice! And yes, a whole lemon. People ask me if they can put honey in it. I don’t. I guess you could. But really, why add calories? The drink is really not bad, in fact it’s pretty refreshing. Trust me, if it was awful, I’d warn you ahead of time. Now, here’s the most important step: Drink it. Yeah, I know, it seems too simple to be effective, but in addition to rebuilding and protecting your cells from acid, here are some amazing effects of this morning ritual.
1. All over detox: This drink is consumed by millions of people to keep them regular and keep the digestive tract clean and toxin free
2. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol level
3. Helps to protect and rebuild the liver
4. Gives skin a healthy glow
5. Hydrates the body
6. Boosts metabolism
7. Curbs cravings for baked goods, sweets and gluten
8. Helps to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis and protect bones (much better than milk, in fact milk is not good for your bones, but that’s for another blog)
9. Helps to protect against cellulite
10. Maintains oral health
I’ve been doing the same thing every morning for 20 years at least. Hot water and lemon. Of course, I’ve found a way to make this morning routine more efficient, because, well that’s what I do. What’s my tip? Squeeze lemons directly into ice cube trays and freeze. Pop 2 out in the morning and voila! Plus I find that the frozen lemon juice cools the boiling water to a perfect hot but drinkable temperature. So when life gives you lemons, for heaven’s sake don’t waste them on lemonade.
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Vicky and the V Well Team
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