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Shaved Spring Salad

ShavedSaladKathrynBy Ellen Troyer and Kathryn Eastburn for Biosyntrx
Here’s a healthy, fragrant salad made without a single leaf of lettuce. Italian flat-leaf parsley leaves provide the bulk of the greens and fresh fennel, radish and celery add crunch and color when they are cut in thin slices on a diagonal—preferably with a kitchen mandoline.
Look in the greens section of your supermarket for microgreens, sprouts and pea tendrils to add more tender greens packed with nutrients. Or throw in some thinly sliced sugar snap peas for added fiber. 
The dressing recipe actually calls for Meyer lemons.We rarely see them in Colorado markets but they are abundant in California backyard gardens.  A mix of half lemon and half orange makes a good substitute.
1 large bunch Italian flat-leaf parsley
1 bulb fennel with stems and fronds intact
3 stalks celery and a handful of celery leaves
½ cup sugar snap peas
7 or 8 radishes
1 shallot
1 lemon
1 sweet orange (we love Cara Cara)
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
2 Tablespoons rinsed capers
Salt and pepper  Click here for more
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