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Simple Vegetable Salad Side

side_salad_DeirdreRecipeRecipe by Bonnie Eskenazi
Simple quick and yummy!

1  Medium organic cauliflower
1  Medium organic broccoli stalk
2  Large organic carrots, peeled
1  Medium organic red potato
1  Medium organic lemon
2  Tablespoon organic extra virgin olive oil
Organic garlic power -- to taste (optional)
Sea Salt / Ground pepper to taste
Steam or boil all the vegetables, they should be a little firm
Drain and let cool a few minutes
Add Sea Salt/Ground pepper to taste
Add garlic powder -- optional
Mix lemon and olive oil -- shake or use whisk
You can also add your favorite olives -- Kalamata, or green olives work great 
Drizzle over vegetables -- Mix and serve warm or cold
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