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Spring 2010 Message From Deirdre

Message from Deirdre Imus 
Dear Friends, 
As the world continues to watch the after-effects of the 7.0 earthquake that erupted in Haiti, we have, like so many
march2010_deirdre_imus others, wanted to do more. Donations of money, food, and medical supplies have been critical in establishing a network of aid in this, the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.  As the efforts will continue for years into the future, we’d like to help provide healing for the quake’s most innocent victims:  the children.  American kids have also wanted to help, but they lacked a nationally-organized, concrete and personal way to do so. 
 That’s when we found the good work of Jane Cosco, founder of Operation Goody Bag.  Since 2001, Jane has organized teams of school children to create “goody bags” for military and other first responders who sacrifice every day for our safety.  Together with Operation Goody Bag and the Catholic Medical Mission Board already on the ground in Haiti, we’ve created “Kids Love Kids.”  This national effort organizes American school children to create “goody bags” for the children of Haiti.  Filled with items such as organic lollipops, Glee® gum, crayons, a notepad, and a small Teddy bear, the bags are made complete with a hand-written note from the child creating the bag.  Read more about this kid-powered Haiti relief effort and how you can help. 
As always, thank you for supporting our mission of education, advocacy and research for children.  We hope you enjoy this issue, filled with informative articles on creating optimum health for the children in your life.  Be sure to read best-selling author Dr. Servan-Schreiber discuss holistic cancer care, Dr. Lawrence Rosen on awakening environmental awareness in children, and Pierre Fontaine’s series on homeopathy. 
My best for a healthy spring! 
Deirdre Imus   
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