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March 2014 Vol. 9 , No. 1 
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For most of us, spring can’t arrive soon enough. Warmer weather is enough to inspire anyone to get outside and drink in some sunshine (a great natural source of Vitamin D). When time outdoors can also mean allergies, integrative pediatrician Dr. Rosen offers timely insights on honey for allergy prevention.


Holistic nurse Maureen McDonnell examines other "super foods" with ideas to jump-start your family towards a healthier diet. Super foods fast-track the body towards optimal health by delivering dense nutrients in every bite. These help fight inflammation, a common factor in many diseases.


This spring, our research team is working to ensure a healthier future for our children through developing innovative research on chemical and toxin exposure. Additionally, our findings on a pesticide-free head lice treatment as well as new research on endocrine disruptors that children encounter every day are the focus of other studies that are expanding the frontier of children's health. We are proud to be part of one of the nation's largest academic medical centers, which makes groundbreaking research possible.


As our Center continues to educate about environmental toxins, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Tara Hospitality to our Greening The Cleaning® program. As a service disabled veteran and woman-owned business, we’re proud to have Tara Hospitality help educate others about the importance of reducing toxins in facilities we all use every day. Does your business, school or facility use healthier, sustainable cleaning products? Contact us if you'd like information; our team is always ready to help.


Wishing you health and wellness,


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girl_face_for_greening_your_life_croppedHoney: Nature's Allergy Cure?

By Lawrence Rosen MD
Springtime brings the glorious smell of flowers in bloom.  It happens every year, without fail, yet I never cease to be amazed at the persistence of nature.  I also know many of my patients suffer with seasonal allergies, so I’m mindful of preparing them early, before the itchy-sneezy season kicks in. Read more


Farmstand_4"Super Foods" for a Long, Healthy Life

By Maureen McDonnell, BS, RN

I know the names Acai (pronounced Ahh Sigh Eee), Cacao (pronounced Ca Cow) and Goji sound like exotic, foreign substances, but the truth is these are nutrient-dense “super foods” that are rapidly gaining in popularity.  And my prediction is, as more of us focus on ways to live longer, healthier lives, these strange sounding powders and berries will soon become household words.   Read more


gtc_din-group2_6-19-13new_cropGreening The Cleaning® News

Tara Hospitality Has Joined The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center
We are pleased to announce that Tara Hospitality, LLC has joined The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® as a distributor of our award-winning Greening The Cleaning® product line.  Tara Andrews is the sole proprietor of Tara Hospitality, LLC, a woman and service disabled veteran-owned small business covering Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.  Read more



Healthy_RecipesHealthy Recipes

When we choose what to eat, we influence our health with each bite. Click here to view delicious, healthy recipes.



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Each week, Deirdre Imus' Fox News Health Blog, Green Your World, translates the top environmental health issues with practical insight and tips for you and your family. For a list of topics, click here.




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