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Spring Newsletter 2016

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March 2016                                                                          Vol. 11/No. 1

Deirdre_Imus_Headshot_cropped_new_2-9-15_cropDear Friends,

Spring is a natural time to celebrate children’s health and new beginnings for our families as we increase time outdoors after winter has melted away.

In many neighborhoods, spring is a reminder of the many challenges present each day, from unclean water to soil contamination from local industry. These are not issues that exist in a vacuum – they are in rural, urban and suburban neighborhoods but more often than not, they affect communities in need which lack the economic and social advantages to address the issues, just as integrative pediatrician Dr. Rosen explains in his article on the children of Flint, Michigan.

This is where education and advocacy offer the best hope for change, where we all can get involved to do something, whether it’s many things or just one. Holistic Nurse Maureen McDonnell offers several ways to create change right at home. Do you know what’s happening in your neighborhood, or in the next town over? Let’s challenge each other to dig in this spring to find out and do just one thing to make it a better environment for all.

Wishing you good health,

Deirdre Imus



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