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Spring Newsletter 2017

March 2017                                                                             Vol. 12 / No. 1

Deirdre_Imus_Headshot_cropped_new_2-9-15_cropDear Friends,

Every season brings an opportunity to start something new. Here at the Center, our focus on children’s health turns to the outdoors, where kids love – and need – to thrive. All too often, our outdoor spaces from lawns to parks, are tainted with pesticides that can harm kids’ neurological and hormone systems. In this issue, we focus on glyphosate, which has been found in the waterways of 38 states, making its way into our bodies through the environment and into our food. It puts farmers and farm families at particular risk, and all of us who depend on them. By raising awareness about the health outcomes of pesticide practices, we can support safer choices.

As Earth Day approaches, classrooms across the country highlight ways kids can protect our planet. Children often come home from school filled with questions. In this issue, integrative pediatrician Dr. Rosen answers how to talk to kids about climate change in a way that is meaningful for the whole family. 

Thank you for joining us as we work to protect children's health this Earth Day and every day.

Wishing you health and wellness,

Deirdre Imus


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