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Spring Newsletter 2022

May 2022                                                                               Vol. 17 / No. 1

Since our Center's beginnings over 20 years ago, we've undertaken initiatives as diverse as educating middle schoolers to researching toxic exposures to recycling gently used clothing for our community. At the heart of these diverse efforts is the common thread of protecting and supporting human health. 
Right now, what lies before us can seem daunting -- from widespread wildfires in the U.S. to Eastern Europe ravaged by war, to the rise in childhood cancers. Part of our mission at the Center has always been to take a local community approach to create change that "ripples" beyond any borders. 
We hope that you'll join us to create change in your communityClick here for some inspiring ideas, or simply reach out to your local school, house of worship or community group to get involved. Our Center recently connected with local high school students who created a work of art from recycled materials in honor of healthcare heroes.
If you're looking to give in a new way, we've started an initiative for pediatric music and arts therapy programming at Hackensack University Medical Center in honor of MaryAnn Colemanmy mom, who believed "Life is a song, love is the music." Amid your efforts, we hope this issue brings you some added inspiration to incorporate the healing powers of music and healing foods into your everyday life. 
Wishing you health and wellness,
Deirdre Imus
The Musical Environment

Autistic_BoyOver the past few years I have written here about all types of environmental influences on our health and well-being: nutritional, psychological, social, physical, and chemical. But we haven’t covered one important environmental contributor to the quality of our lives: the musical environment. Read more



Wrapped with Inspiration this Earth Day 2022
Blue_Drape_shutterstock_185702363Inspired by the amplified courage, empathy and continuing dedication of healthcare professionals over the past two years, the Sculpture and Fashion students of North Bergen High School, North Bergen, NJ, created an elegant, angelic-type dress using clean, recycled blue (sterilization) wrap, the material that surgical devices are wrapped in, sourced from Hackensack University Medical Center. The story behind the design of the dress - aptly named “The Nightingale” - was that it was submitted to a contest sponsored by Junk Kouture, an organization that challenges high school students, aged 13-18, to design, create and model couture made from 100% recycled materials. Read more



Cleaning & Disinfecting Remains a Constant
cleaning_tiles_shutterstock_47570065As COVID-19 lingers for another year, we find ourselves adapting to constant changes in our safety protocol. We have to social distance at work, shopping and even at home. Signs have been posted where we sit or stand, and mask mandates have changed from one year to another. Read more



Healthy Recipe
kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious holiday recipes.





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