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Spring Newsletter 2023

March 2023                                                                         Vol. 18 / No. 1

Deirdre_approved_new_photo_11-6_FinalDear friends, 
As spring approaches and the days grow longer, we're reminded of renewal in nature and ourselves. In looking at how best to take care of both, this issue features an article on fish and fish oil from our medical advisor, Ben Kligler, MD, who explores the latest science on how to leverage this natural resource for optimal health. 
For many of us, spring is also a time to refresh our personal care routine and with that comes news on legislation in New York State to remove the chemical 1,4 Dioxane from these products. For more on what this means for your favorite go-to's - and how to ensure you're getting safer products, see our guide in this issue. 
As always, find spring-fresh recipes to make the most of seasonal produce. Whether it's switching to safer products or more sustainable food - or both - we invite you to join us in choosing one way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Thank you for joining us in pursuing a healthier planet! 
Wishing you health and wellness, 


Deirdre Imus  
Fish and Fish Oil: Separating the Facts and the Myths

shutterstock_190288550The focus on the potential of fish and fish oil to reduce our chance of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease dates back to two Danish scientists in the 1970s, who published an article making the claim that Alaska and Inuit Natives had a lower rate of heart attacks which they attributed to the high intake of fish and seal blubber in the native diet. Read more

What Does 1,4 Dioxane Ban Mean for You?
Laundry_ProductsIf a cosmetics or cleaning product is on the shelf at the local market, does that mean it’s safe? The answer is: it depends. Read more



Spring Cleaning Your Home
glass_cleaning_spring_shutterstock_285914456Believe it or not, it’s finally that time of the year, Springtime! I’m sure for most of you it didn’t come soon enough. The cold is coming to an end, our winter doldrums are fading and it’s time to freshen up our homes. Here are some tips to get you started, room by room. Read more


Healthy Recipe
children_in_the_kitchen_croppedTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.





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