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Summer Newsletter 2019

June 2019                                                                               Vol. 14 / No. 2

Deirdre_approved_new_photo_11-6_FinalDear Friends, 

Summer is for savoring, whether it’s the long days, warm weather, or succulent flavors of the season. We all have moments we relish most, and at the DIEHC we’re going to help you do it the healthy way. Our Medical Adviser Dr. Ben Kligler, dispels several myths surrounding supplements. Find out why food is often the best medicine, and how to move beyond the mindset that there’s a pill for everything.

As always, check out our Tip of the Month from Greening The Cleaning®, and try out some of our healthy recipes that will delight the entire family. Start your summer reading early by learning about the legislation affecting our health and our communities. Every voice counts, and you should never be shy about your passion for the environment.

Wishing you continued health and wellness.



Food is the Best Medicine

shutterstock_108352955We are a culture that believes that there is a pill for everything. And this doesn’t just apply to prescription pills —we believe this about natural medicines and supplements as well. Over half the adults in America take vitamins or supplements on a regular basis. Read more

How are You Inspecting Your Areas for Cleanliness

Inspector_Housekeeping_shutterstock_159820619This month I am not going to discuss a cleaning tip, but rather a tip on inspecting your staffs cleaning performance. If you want quality, it requires evaluation. Read more


Environmental Health Legislation
Capitol_HillLegislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here to take action and get involved. 
Healthy Recipes

kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.



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