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Summer Newsletter 2022

July 2022                                                                               Vol. 17 / No. 2


Dear Friends, 
With summer here, many of us are on the move, visiting family and friends or a new destination. Whatever your plans, we encourage you to soak in the moment as much as possible. In this issue, Medical Advisor Ben Kligler, MD shows us how.
For those keeping facilities clean and healthy for visitors, "Green Cleaning in a Healthcare Facility" offers essential tips from our cleaning expert. For an in-depth look at the professionals who clean every day, see the latest paper on our community-based research covering environmental health needs of Latinas in cleaning occupations. 
As always, check out our seasonal recipes to make "healthy" a part of your every day, and see photos of the farmer's market at Hackensack University Medical Center, bringing health home for patients, visitors and team members alike.
Wishing you health and wellness, 
Deirdre Imus 
Mindfulness in the Day-to-Day

yoga_relax_cropBy Ben Kligler, MD
If there is one thing we have learned (or at least should have learned!) from the past two and a half years, it’s that every day and every moment are precious and need to be appreciated. Read more


Just published, Community Health Research Funded by the Center: Environmental Health Needs Among Latinas in Cleaning Occupations

girl_guy_cleaningIn the U.S., approximately half of maids and housekeeping cleaners are Latino or Hispanic, while the vast majority are women (88.3%). This largely immigrant, underserved workforce faces complex factors, which may contribute to adverse health outcomes. Read more


Green Cleaning in a Healthcare Facility

microfiber_rag_crop_shutterstock_664613347By Jim Ronchi, GTC Project Manager.
Whether you are working in a hospital, a surgical center or a doctor’s office, you need to be diligent with cleaning and disinfection procedures. In today’s COVID environment, emphasis on total disinfection has become even more prominent. Where does this leave green cleaning? Read more


Healthy Recipe
kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.





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