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Throwing A Healthy Party

healthy_partyPartying is in my bones….and growing up in a working class Irish-Catholic family is where it all started!  Despite their financial struggles, my parents loved to throw a party.  I have pretty vivid memories of my dad arm in arm with my uncles singing Irish songs and raising their glasses of beer as they toasted the good times the post-war 1950’s offered them.¬   I’m not saying the food my mom served back then was the healthiest ( potato salad, canned baked beans, cold cuts and white rolls), but the atmosphere of fun and festiveness cultivated a love in me for gathering good friends and celebrating life!
Partying took on a different form when I went off to college.  No need to elaborate on this phase though, as I can’t recall much, and I’m pretty certain there weren’t many healthy aspects to report.     
However, once I had “sown my oats” and settled down with a husband, a house, two kids and a career as a health educator, it was time to blend the positive partying experiences of my youth, with my new found understanding of health.   It was during the 80’s when I began experimenting with organic, vegetarian whole food recipes.  Subsequently, I started throwing backyard falafel parties, sending organic peanut butter nut balls for my kids’ school birthday parties and cooking an array of healthy vegetable-based, bean and grain dishes for our dinner guests that seemed to both delight and surprise them.
I’m aware that through the years, there were folks who came to our parties and were disappointed that I wasn’t serving the standard fare of potato chips with sour cream dip, pizza, soda and sugary desserts.  But I just couldn’t do it!   Besides, my dad’s words were always there to remind me that there were long term benefits to sticking to my nutrition guns.  When he was in his 80s I asked him how it felt when his friend’s ridiculed him for eating bran, avoiding desserts and basically evolving into one of the original health nuts.  With a little Irish twinkle in his eye, he responded “well, the funny thing is, those folks are all dead now!”
Fast forward a few decades and my commitment to having healthy gatherings continued.   When I remarried, I chose a partner who not only loves to cook for crowds, but one who has as strong a commitment to health as I do.  Together we have such a good time creating the whole food menu, inviting our friends (and asking them to bring their favorite healthy side dish) and preparing the house with flowers we pick from the yard.   I find all the prep work we do: cleaning the house, arranging the flowers and lighting the candles in anticipation of our guest’s arrival is half the fun.  If you don’t have a spouse like mine, ask the kids to get involved (which can help cultivate their love and skill for healthy entertaining.)    No kids?  Have a friend over to help with the preparations…either way, make it fun!
Regardless of whether your home is a small cottage, an apartment or a grand mansion, whether you invite 2 friends or 20, get creative with the cuisine, serve delicious healthy food, have fun with the preparation and presentation, and as I learned from my childhood -  enjoy celebrating life with your friends and family!  
My favorite easy to make healthy party recipe:
Appetizer:  Seven Layer Dip  (recipe fills 2 large dinner plates and feeds 10-12).  
(use all organic ingredients when possible)
1st layer: homemade refried beans: (sauté in 2 tablespoons first cold pressed olive oil: 1 chopped onion, 1 green pepper and 2 cloves chopped garlic.  When onions and pepper are soft, add 2 teaspoons cumin powder.  Add 2 cups of cooked pinto beans and smash with fork.  Season to taste with Herbamare (sea salt and organic herb seasoning) and fresh ground pepper.   Taste to see if it needs more cumin and or a touch of wheat free Tamari.  Either warm or cool spread a thin layer over 2 dinner plates (leaving the edges clear). 
2nd layer: ½ package organic taco seasoning mixed with ½ cup organic plain yogurt and ¼ cup of Veganase (vegan mayonnaise).    Spread gently over beans
3rd layer:   mix 1 mashed avocado with   ½ lemon and spread over the 2nd layer
4th layer:  finely chop scallions and sprinkle over the avocado layer. 
5th layer:  finely chop pitted olives and sprinkle over scallions  
6th layer:  chop fresh tomatoes and add to previous layers 
7th layer: sprinkle lightly with shredded organic cheddar or Montery Jack cheese.  Place organic corn chips around the edges
maureens_new_pic-1-21-14_croppedMaureen McDonnell has been a holistic, nutritionally-oriented RN for 37 years.  She is the health editor of WNC Woman Magazine and the co-founder of Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet (  Maureen lectures widely on the role the environment and nutrition play in women and children’s health and is currently an Executive Area Manager with Arbonne International.   She can be reached at   
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