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Scientists Create Biodegradable Plastic Using Solar Energy

plastic_in_ocean_shutterstock_1086143243Scientists from Osaka Metropolitan University have found a way to synthesize fumaric acid, a raw material using for producing the biodegradable plastic polybutylene succinate, using artificial photosynthesis. Read more



Understanding Iron Deficiency and Why Women Are More At Risk

woman_writing_in_journal_cropWith plant-based diets becoming more popular, cases of iron deficiency have also risen. Yet, even though iron deficiency is very common, a laissez-faire attitude around the condition can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to women’s health. Read more


Microbes in Your Food Can Help or Hinder Your Body’s Defenses Against Cancer

girl_eating_pastaThe microbes living in your food can affect your risk of cancer. While some help your body fight cancer, others help tumors evolve and grow. Read more


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