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If Your Strawberries Taste Bland, Pesticides May Be to Blame

pesticide_shutterstock_crop_463457156If you’ve ever bitten into a juicy, red strawberry only to find that it was watery and somewhat flavorless, certain pesticides could be to blame. Read more



Forget 10,000: Every 500 Steps Seniors Take Reduces Their Risk of Heart Problems

grandparents_shutterstock_115701493People over 70 who take an extra 500 steps a day lower their risk of heart failure or stroke by 14 percent, according to a new study. Researchers say that, for senior citizens, every 500 additional daily steps reduce the risk of heart trouble. Read more


One Easy Way to Fight Antibiotic Resistance? Good Hand Hygiene

bonnie_handwashingAntibiotics save lives by killing bacteria that cause infections. But antibiotics don’t just kill infection-causing bacteria or stay in the area of the body where the infection is occurring. Instead, antibiotics spread across the body and inhibit or kill any sensitive bacteria they encounter. Read more


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