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Toxic Metals Found in Baby Food

Baby_in_BlanketA shocking congressional report has revealed dangerously high levels of toxic heavy metals, including lead, arsenic and mercury, in popular baby foods.

The Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization agree that exposure to even low levels of some heavy metals can cause serious and often irreversible damage to babies’ brains. Sadly the levels found in the baby food tested and their ingredients are terribly high, including up to 91 times the arsenic level and 177 times the lead level the FDA sets for drinking water.

This is unacceptable. The FDA needs to do more to protect our kids from brain-damaging heavy metals. Will you join us in demanding the FDA take immediate action to protect our kids?

TAKE ACTION: Get toxic heavy metals out of baby food! Babies’ developing brains are extremely vulnerable, and we need to do all we can to protect them!






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