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Water Purification

Buy a water purification system to protect your family from microorganisms, chlorine and other illness-causing agents in water. Water purification is easier than ever with a variety of home treatment options, including reverse osmosis (the most thorough home treatment option available):

- KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. (
- Gaiam (
- Aqua Sana-
- Free Drinking

Consider having your water tested to identify any contaminants that are present. Contact your county’s Health Department for the names of testing laboratories that are qualified to test the water. Once contaminants are identified, look for a filtration system to suit your family’s particular needs. Contact NSF International for guidance on choosing the proper device, at 1-877-8-NSF-HELP (1-877-867-3435). The not-for-profit, non-governmental organization certifies water purification products that meet their strict criteria.

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