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Why Black Walnuts Are Great

By Vicky and the V Well Team- 4/7/15
Here’s a health secret for you: if a food comes in many color varieties, e.g. beans – the darker the food the better it is for you, generally. Black beans have more nutrients than white beans. Blackberries have more nutrients than raspberries. Purple sweet potatoes are better for you than orange and the list goes on. Walnuts are no exception. While black walnuts are common in baked goods and gourmet noshes, they are rarely considered a snack food by nut eaters. I’m here to say that they absolutely should be! Check out this list of ailments that the black walnut has been used to successfully prevent, manage or cure:
▪ asthma
▪ constipation
▪ diabetes
▪ heartburn
▪ high blood pressure
▪ high cholesterol
That’s enough reason in itself to give them a try, but I’ll tell you why I like them. I love walnuts! My issue is that sometimes I get a bit carried away. If left alone with a bag of walnuts and no calorie restrictions, I could probably eat far too many. So, I switched to walnuts in the shell. The extra work and time involved in shelling your own nuts is a sure fire way to eat fewer. That is, until you get really, really, good at cracking nuts. Black walnuts in the shell are much more difficult to crack and therefore, for me, make a better snack. Not to mention they are quite tasty and have all the nutritional value of standard walnuts and then some.
So, if you’ve never tried black walnuts, crack a few. If that seems too daunting, or if you’re more trustworthy with moderation on these rich, delicious snacks than I am, go ahead and get the pre-shelled variety. And remember, in the produce aisle and with beans and nuts, 9 times out of 10 if there are multiple colors to chose from in one type of food. The darker the color the higher the nutrient density! So, if you’re used to white potatoes, try red. Yellow bell peppers? Try orange. White rice? Try black or brown. And most definitely, if you’re used to brown walnuts, give the black ones a whirl!
Natural Alternative Remedies: Black Walnut Benefits
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Vicky and the V Well Team
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