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Winter Newsletter 2019


December 2019                                                                        Vol. 14 / No. 4

Deirdre_approved_new_photo_11-6_FinalDear Friends, 
As we welcome winter and the season of celebration, this issue brings you inspiring news and healthy tips for the new year ahead. We’re thankful for the successes of the center in 2019, which include community wellness, sustainability and environmental health initiatives. None of this could be possible without your support. We’re a team from near and far, and for this we feature team building tips that work for the corporate world as well as at home. 
With many of us looking to be healthier in the new year, exercising may be at the top of the list. Our Medical Advisor, Benjamin Kligler, MD, points to research showing that less steps per day may be just as effective as the 10,000 we’ve heard about. To that end, if you exercise outdoors, there are some added hidden benefits, as Dr. Kligler explains. All efforts at exercise are a step in the right direction!
While staying indoors at times may be a necessity, especially during winter, many of us find ourselves glued to screens of all kinds. Whether it’s a TV, laptop or cell phone, it’s essential to ensure kids don’t get too much. We’ve got you covered with tips to help safeguard your family from some of the harmful effects of screen time while increasing the benefit of the time they do have.
No doubt you’ve seen the buzz about going plastic-free, from towns banning plastic bags at the checkout to straws at the take-out. We show you how this translates into healthcare, with more hospitals choosing to reduce DEHP and PVC plastics in favor of more sustainable options. This benefits patients of all ages, but most especially some of the most vulnerable patients, preemies in the NICU. 
As always, our healthy recipes feature treats you can try at home to savor the season. 
Wishing you health and wellness in the new year,


Getting Your Steps and "Forest Bathing"

family_in_woods_shutterstock_193802573We have all heard the words “10,000 steps,” accompanied by the strong statement that this is the amount needed every day to keep us healthy. Read more


Caring for our Most Vulnerable Patients Through Sustainable Purchasing Practices

Adult_and_baby_hands_shutterstock_577242874As hospitals strive to increase sustainability across all aspects of care, re-evaluating product safety becomes an ongoing process that must consider impact on both people and the planet. Read more


Hackensack University Medical Center ‘s Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® Promotes Community Wellness, Sustainability, and Environmental Health

Bonnie_jim_NadineIMG_5550The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®, is fulfilling its mission to identify and control toxins in and around our environment and helping to improve community health and well-being through a variety of sustainability and environmental health initiatives — both at Hackensack University Medical Center and in the surrounding community.


Tips for Building an Effective Team

shutterstock_303094634Usually I discuss tips for cleaning areas in a hospital, office or school, but today I want to focus on the people that get it done. Your team. Many times I have heard this place would be so much cleaner if I had better people, if they were more motivated, if they listened. Maybe your staff wants to be better but are not getting what they need from you. Read more

Tips For a Creating a Healthier and Sustainable Lifestyle

diet_exerciseWhether you’re looking to create a healthier home or eat more sustainably, we’ve got you covered. Click here for quick tips for everyone in the family.


Environmental Health Legislation
Capitol_HillLegislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here to take action and get involved. 
Healthy Recipes

kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.



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