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Winter Newsletter 2021

December 2021                                                                       Vol. 16 / No. 4




Probiotics: A New Way to Get Through The Winter

shutterstock_106241129With winter just around the corner—and with COVID 19 still hovering in the background—we all are starting to think about what we can do to stay healthy over the next few months. One of the best answers may come from a surprising place: the world of bacteria and probiotics. Read more





Healthy Interiors: Entrance Mats

With winter upon us, leaves are blowing throughout the streets and ice melt is already being spread outside your facility and on your entrance floors. That's why quality entrance mats will be the most essential tool you have in keeping your floors looking good. They should be utilized in every entrance of your building and directly outside its entrance points. Read more


Healthy Recipes

kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.




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