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Winter Newsletter 2021

December 2021                                                                       Vol. 16 / No. 4


While COVID-19 remains an ongoing global health crisis that has changed how we live, learn, work, play, and celebrate, there are things we can do to stay healthy and safe while also helping others in need. 


In this issue our medical advisor, Ben Kligler, MD writes about the health properties of probiotics and the many ways this supplement powerhouse can bolster health year-round, for kids and adults alike.


To help combat the pandemic, we are launching the Covid Recovery Study to better understand long-haul COVID symptoms experienced by health care workers and what may help aid in their recovery.


Our commitment to sustainability and sustaining our health care heroes and our neighbors in need has taken on a renewed focus. In an effort to help meet the basic needs of the communities surrounding Hackensack University Medical Center, our colleagues have generously donated new and gently-used clothing, non-perishable food, school supplies and personal care products. Tens of thousands of items were collected and distributed throughout the year, truly highlighting that we can all do something to help.


With the pandemic still upon us, our Greening The Cleaning program has taken on new meaning and importance. Our colleague James Ronchi was appointed the Cleaning and Disinfecting Subject Matter Expert for Hackensack Meridian Health’s Keeping America Safe program, providing the knowledge and resources to help organizations safely get back to business. For guidance on disinfecting, green cleaning and information on Greening The Cleaning products, contact James at 551-996-8047.


We thank you - our colleagues and friends - for all of your support in 2021.


As we celebrate the holidays and the gift giving that is so much a part of it, let us remember not only to count our blessings, but to be the blessings others can count on. 


Wishing you health and wellness,





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