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HackensackUMC and Ridgewood Gas Owner Offer Free Gas to HackensackUMC Direct Caregivers in Response to Critical Shortage

November 2, 2012 08:57 AM
Pictured from l to r: Dr. Gregory Simonian, vice chairman, chief of Endovascular Surgery HackensackUMC; Sneyder Arroyave, surgical technologist ambulatory; and Robert C. Garrett, president and chief executive officer, Hackensack University Health Network.


As the region faces one of the most catastrophic storms in New Jersey history, residents are now facing severe difficulty obtaining fuel. Due to the widespread power outages, most gas stations are closed and those that are open have little supply and/or lines reaching a two-hour wait time. Hackensack University Medical Center and a friend of the hospital, an Exxon Station in Ridgewood, NJ, have taken steps to help direct patient caregivers with their commute by providing up to five gallons of gasoline per approved staff member, provided that their gas tank is at halfway or below.

On Thursday, November 1, HackensackUMC purchased 1,000-gallons of fuel and even brought a tanker on campus to provide its approved staff members with up to five gallons each. The gas quickly depleted, but was appreciated and critical to staff members. Some even had to push their vehicle to reach the gas line, since their tank was empty.

In the same spirit, a friend of Gregory Simonian, M.D., vice chairman and chief of Endovascular Surgery at HackensackUMC, heard about the medical center’s efforts to ensure that patient caregivers can make it into work. Robert Garipianand partner Avak Uzatmaciyan, proprietors of Tiger Buying Group and owners of Exxon Station located at 10 Godwin Avenue in Ridgewood, graciously volunteered to donate 1,000 of gasoline to 150 direct caregivers and 50 physicians – up to five gallons each. The station is currently closed to the public, but the gasoline will be allocated to HackensackUMC staff members.

“Patient safety is always our top priority at HackensackUMC,” said Robert C. Garrett, president and chief executive officer of Hackensack University Health Network. “During times of crisis, we pull together and do whatever is necessary to offer continuous, seamless care to our patients. We were happy we could offer gas to our staff members in hopes of easing their commuting worries, and we are tremendously grateful to Robert and Avak for extending their generosity to our team. Their donation could be lifesaving for our patients.”




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