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HackensackUMC Rolls Out New Patient Beds

December 20, 2011 09:53 AM
State-of-the-art beds enhance patient’s safety.


Hackensack University Medical Center is nearing completion of a project to replace all 750 hospital beds with fully loaded “smart beds.”  The multi-positional beds are designed and manufactured by Stryker Medical. The Stryker S3 Signature series beds contain an advanced sleep surfaced called IsoFlex, which helps prevent bed sores and skin breakdown. 

“We are pleased to provide our patients with these technologically advanced beds,” said Robert C. Garrett, president and chief executive officer of HackensackUMC.  “The IsoFlex mattresses contain gel, rather than foam to help keep patients cool, dry and comfortable.”

The fully-loaded beds are equipped with iBed technology and include a built-in scale and an alarm for fall-risk patients.  Along with the new beds, patient rooms are also being equipped with new over-bed tables and night stands.

S3 Bed Highlights:

StayPut™ Bed Frame

  • Exclusive StayPut Frame Technology keeps the patient’s relative location essentially unchanged when the head of the bed is raised. This helps reduce the need for patient repositioning, while keeping the patient close to bedside belongings.


  • Siderails are BackSmart® requiring only one-hand operation. An intermediate support position assists the patient during bed entry and exit helping to reduce injuries for both patient and caregiver.

iBed Awareness

  • Monitors local bed status information, alerting caregivers visually, audibly or remotely if preset parameters are compromised.

iBed® Connectivity

  • iBed Wireless and Serial Port enable connectivity to third party systems like Nurse Call and EMRs to integrate and leverage iBed information including monitoring, alerting and documentation.

Chaperone® Bed Exit System

  • A patented center of gravity based system constantly tracks the patient’s position and alerts caregivers (locally or remotely) if the patient is at risk of falling.

3-Sided Controls / 1-Touch Scale

  • Basic controls are located on the siderails, with advanced caregiver controls on the footboard, away from patients’ reach and bedside clutter. One-touch scale allows accurate, repeatable readings with the patient or bed in any position.

Pump Holder and 110V Outlet

  • Convenient, integrated pump holder and 110-volt auxiliary outlet improve cord management and help reduce trip hazards around the bedside.

IsoFlex Surface Highlights:

  • Non-powered therapeutic support surface indicated for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, stages I-IV.
  • Exclusive gelastic elastomer provides outstanding shear force management.
  • Geometric columnar design optimizes pressure redistribution.
  • Sloped heel helps reduce the risk of heel breakdown.
  • Intelligel® provides extra support beneath the patient’s sacral region.
  • Provides cost-containment by providing a clinical guarantee, a rental reduction guarantee and an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Photo ID from left to right:   Mark Maiorano, supervisor, Plant Operations, HackensackUMC; Tony Cabrera, manager, Operations, HackensackUMC; John Kroncke, Plant Operations, Hackensack UMC; Ramonita Jimenez, administrative director, Department of Patient Care, HackensackUMC; Richard Killeen, director, Purchasing, HackensackUMC; Theresa Colarusso, administrative director, Performance Improvement, HackensackUMC;  Mick Razzano, account manager, Stryker; Robert Glenning, executive vice president, chief financial officer, HackensackUMC; Pete Simonian, East Region manager, Stryker; Dianne Aroh, RN, executive vice president, chief nursing/patient care officer, HackensackUMC; Ketul Patel, executive vice president, chief strategy and operations officer HackensackUMC; Karl Blomback, vice president, supply chain/charge master, Budget Support, HackensackUMC;Seth Stecker, senior director of U.S. Sales and Marketing, Stryker;John Holder, sales director, East, Stryker, EastBill Mattis, Northeast manager of Logistics, Stryker; Rob Renna, buyer, Purchasing, HackensackUMC.



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