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Hand Dryers Are A Bacterial Horror

Six years back, a group of researchers from Leeds University had announced that the hand dryers found in public washroom weren’t sanitary at all. This was major news to the public, since one of the reasons why hand dryers were installed was because they were supposed to be more sanitary. What these air dryers do is simply populate the entire atmosphere around you with the germs that they blow from your hands. So, while they might be cleaning your hands, they aren’t really letting others clean their hands. Based on several lab experiments, it was found that a hand dryer brought forth 27 times more bacteria than a normal paper towel. Also, the germs stayed for a long period of time in the air; but that was a mere hypothesis. Professor Wilcox came back with his colleagues to find real-world examples in 2018; they chose hospital bathrooms – a setting that needed to be clean for the health and welfare of everyone. Ironically, it was found that hospital bathrooms usually contain more bacteria than any other location, according to the Journal of Hospital Infection. Read more.....



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