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He Started Vaping THC To Cope With Chronic Pain. Then He Got Sick

As vaping has grown more popular in recent years, the trend has been fueled by the habit's pleasurable allure: Compared with smoking cigarettes or pot, vaping is discrete and less smelly. Vaping fluids come in hundreds of flavors. There's no tar or other byproducts of burning. And vape pens are high-tech, customizable and sleek. But none of that mattered to Paul Lubell when he decided to try vaping. He wasn't thinking about pleasure; he was just trying to avoid pain. The retired Navy veteran turned to vaping marijuana, hoping it would help him cope with his chronic, debilitating musculoskeletal pain. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before he became part of the national statistics tracking an outbreak of vaping-related lung illness that has killed four dozen Americans and sickened more than 2,200. Read more....



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