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Health Benefits of Folate for Children, Athletes and Seniors

Folate (vitamin B9) is one of the B vitamins needed for healthy brain development, red and white blood cell production,1 DNA synthesis,2 various metabolic processes3 and the conversion of carbohydrates into energy,4 just to name a few of its functions.  Your body cannot produce folate, thus making it necessary to get it from your diet. Certain folate-producing probiotics (beneficial bacteria), particularly the Bifidobacterium genus, have been shown to raise folate concentrations,5 so the makeup of your gut microbiome may influence your folate status.  Folate is the form of B9 found in leafy greens and other foods6 and can be directly utilized by your body. For this reason, it’s the preferred form, and is particularly important if you have liver problems.  Read more.....



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