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Honey supply chain COLLAPSES as China’s beekeepers locked down due to coronavirus pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has claimed another victim — the honey industry.  Travel restrictions have been enacted across China, as a preventive measure against the spread of the new, dreaded disease. The restrictions, which some have decried as “hardcore,” include sealing off roads and implementing approval systems for interregional transportation. Other containment measures include shutting down public spaces and barring residents from leaving their homes.  According to beekeepers, the travel restrictions have prevented them from carrying their hives and bee colonies to the country’s southwestern provinces where the bees usually feed during this time of the year.  As a result, beekeepers like Mo Jiakai are seeing their colonies starve. Mo noted that the recent travel bans have prevented him and his wife – as well as other beekeepers in their area – from bringing their bees to their feeding grounds.  Read more....



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