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Hospital disinfectant chemical glutaraldehyde deliberately added to vaccines, admits CDC … Chemical dangers abound

The list of vaccine excipients released by the CDC in January 2017 calls for sweeping scrutiny, as it includes questionable cellular components, bacterial strains and toxic chemicals that may do great harm. Eight of these vaccine excipients contain glutaraldehyde – a toxic compound notorious in the healthcare industry.  According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), glutaraldehyde is a pungent chemical that is commonly used as a tanning agent, a biocide in metalworking and a preservative in cosmetics. It is also used as a hardening agent in x-rays, and is a staple in embalming solutions. Furthermore, the hazardous chemical is used as an antimicrobial in water treatment systems, and remains a widely utilized tissue fixative in histology and pathology laboratories.  Read more...



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