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How Public Vaccine Policy Violates Our Right to Informed Consent

We’re supposed to believe that somehow the science is “settled” on vaccines. But that belief is preposterous. The reality is that there is endless debate and controversy about vaccines in the medical literature. The major corporate media don’t even begin to scratch the surface in their reporting on vaccines. There are countless serious issues related to vaccination that the public have no idea about because health officials and the media refuse to even touch them.  The news media just repeat the same routine talking points in virtually every broadcast or article on the subject, spitting out misinformative propaganda instead of educational content.  One thing most people don’t know about vaccines—because they are told neither by public health officials, nor by the major media, nor by pediatricians or others working within the medical establishment—is that they aren’t held to the same standard as other pharmaceutical drugs when it comes to safety.  Read more...



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