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How to Build Your Own Pet Waste Digester

When you take your dog for a walk that results in a “BM,” you’re not likely to give it much thought. You simply pick the “prize” up in one of the little plastic bags you have stashed in your pocket and deposit it into the nearest trash can as soon as possible.  But have you ever considered what happens to that plastic bag and the pet poop inside it? It’s a conundrum in countless cities and town across the U.S. While everyone wants pet owners to pick up their pet’s waste, especially if it’s been deposited on public property or areas other than the owner’s property, several issues have materialized. Live Science1 says that among the 83 million dogs across the U.S., around 10.6 million tons of poop is generated per year. That’s a lot of poop and a lot of plastic.  Read more....



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