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If Cell Phone Use Causes Mechanical Stresses Contributing to “Skull Horns,” What Can EMFs and RFs From AMI Smart Meters, 5G & Weather Engineered Scalar Clouds Do To Our Health?

Technology in all its varied formats literally has taken over our lives—from cradle to grave!  What a sad state of affairs to see a toddler ‘navigating’ the Internet, all while Mom beams at how smart her little one is.  Little does Mom know how she is enabling her child to suffer a probable future life of “non-ionizing radiation sickness, pain, suffering and tech-produced, physiological body changes.”  Why do I make such a statement?  Because very few technology users are educated enough in the fields of health and physiology, plus other impacting sciences regarding electromagnetic energy (EMF), radiofrequency (RFs), including none of the cell microwave generations (Gs) ever have been tested as to proven safety preventing harms to humans, pets, the environment, the Planet, and the workings of natural forces in the upper atmospheres: Troposphere, Stratosphere and Ionosphere.  Read more....



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