Q. What is Registration?

A. Registration is a process where you check in with us at specific registration desks each time you visit a specific service area within the hospital. Stopping at the Registration Desk ensures that your demographic and insurance information for each appointment is complete and accurate.

Q. Do I have to stop at Registration every time I visit the hospital?

A. Yes. Depending on the treatment or service you will be receiving will determine if you need to stop at each visit or only once per month. At the initial registration they will inform you. This process enables Hackensack University Medical Center to confirm that both your demographic and insurance information has not changed or , if necessary, update our records if there have been changes since your last visit.

Q. How does Registration work?

A. At the time of the registration you will meet with a trained Ambulatory Registrar who will review your demographic and insurance information to ensure that the information is accurate. They will also ask for and copy the insurance card and photo identification. At the time they may ask for any out-of-pocket payment that you are responsible for, your prescription, referral and / or any other forms that may be required. After the initial registration any required subsequent registration will be quicker, providing all of the information is available or the same. At the end of the registration the Ambulatory Registrar will advise you to return to the waiting area to wait for your test or clinical visit. Our goal and intention is to expedite the process and ensure that all information is correct to avoid any future billing problems that could be avoided upfront.

Q. Why is Registration necessary?

A. Accurate registration benefits everyone, including patients/guarantors, providers and insurance companies during this process. Your information in our records is confirmed or updated to ensure accurate claim submissions with your insurance.

Q. What information will I need to bring?

A. Please bring your current insurance card(s) and insurance address to your appointment. If your visit is related to an accident, worker's compensation, employment examination or other special purpose, please bring the appropriate coverage information including any pertinent forms your physicians need to complete. Please inform your registrar whether your spouse works or if you have multiple coverages so that we can determine which insurance should be primary.

Q. Do I have to make a payment before I receive services?

A. You will be asked to make a payment based on your insurance company's co-pay, deductible, and/or co-insurance. If you have no insurance you will be expected to make an advanced deposit for a non-emergency/elective visit.

Q. What if my visit is work or accident related? Do I still need to stop at Registration?

A.Yes. Please provide the registrar all requested data regarding your Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault carrier information. Informing Registration that your visit is work or accident related will ensure that your claim is processed in a correct and timely manner.

Q. What if I do not see a doctor but have lab tests or x-rays done instead, do I still need to stop at Registration?

A. Yes and in addition to the insurance card and photo identification you must bring a prescription from your physician which also includes the diagnosis. Without this we cannot promise you that we will be able to perform the service for you . If your services requires a Pre-cert or referral, please ensure that you provide this data if your ordering physician has not done so.

Q. Will I have to sign anything?

A. Yes. You may be asked to sign a Patient Consent which includes giving Hackensack University Medical Center the authority to release information to your insurance company on your behalf. You will also have to sign a Financial Agreement form where applicable.

Q. Will I receive anything at Registration?

A. Yes. You will receive the Notice of Patient Privacy statement, the Patient Bill of Rights and a receipt for any payments made as well as other forms that may be applicable to your visit.

Q. I was just here last week and none of my information changed. Do I still need to register?

A. Yes. Registering for each visit will help us ensure we have correct, current information in your medical record. It usually takes less than a minute to check in and we may have information for you (routing instructions, for example). This will help speed up your visit and get you to your appointment promptly.

Q. Should I arrive early for my visits?

A. Yes. Please arrive approximately 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled out-patient appointment. Specific departments will advise you for other arrival times.

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