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Incredible floating island off the Ivory Coast made from 700,000 pieces of plastic waste aims to foster 'green tourism' with 100 visitors a week

One man's trash is another man's treasure, as the saying goes — but for French computer entrepreneur Eric Becker, it's more like a treasure island, one complete with a hotel, two swimming pools and a karaoke bar. Mr Becker's 'L’île Flottante' — or 'Floating Island' — resort bobs about the surface of the lagoon in Abidjan, the economic centre of West Africa's Ivory Coast, on a platform made of around 700,000 plastic bottles and debris. The island was built to foster greener and more mobile tourism — such that is less harmful to coastlines and seas than tradition, fixed, resort constructions — with the hope of inspiring similar projects elsewhere.  Read more....



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