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Industrially processed fructose is just as addictive as alcohol and even morphine, concludes study

Sweets are well-loved by millions of people across the world, with at least 50 pounds of processed fructose being consumed per year. If you find yourself constantly eating and craving sweets, don’t immediately dismiss this as nothing serious. Studies have shown that industrially processed fructose is just as addictive and damaging as alcohol.  Fructose, which means “fruit sugar,” is ordinarily healthy when taken in moderate amounts in the form of fruit. However, industrially-processed fructose is not the same and actually is very unhealthy.  The majority of fructose in a person’s diet comes in the form of sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup, which also contain 50 and 45 percent glucose, respectively. Generally, fructose is more damaging than glucose since it can lead to glycation, a process wherein sugar binds to proteins or lipids. This might not sound that bad, but it results in cell and tissue damage.  Read more...



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