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Injured Kids, Society Costs

The COVID-19 crisis is a godsend for those who want us all to believe that ever-increasing numbers of children with autism are merely the result of neverending better diagnosing by doctors and greater awareness by everyone else. Coronavirus coverage dominates the news currently. The only stories about disabled children involve how they’re dealing with the coronavirus chaos. Lost in the current crisis was the all but unnoticed update of the autism numbers at the end of March. Diagnoses are up from one in every 59 children to one in every 54 (one in 32, up from one in 34 in New Jersey) which was, as expected, attributed to spot-on recognition and possibly to an as yet unknown environmental factor, most likely older parents. There were several disturbing reports that should have warranted at least a fraction of the coverage that the current virus receives because long term, what’s happening to children will have an immense economic impact as well. Instead, when it comes to autism, we continue to be lulled into believing that the phenomenon only requires awareness and acceptance.  Read more.....



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