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International Study Confirms LDL-Cholesterol Doesn't Predict Heart Disease Risk; Statin Drugs Probably Useless

A recent international study published in the highest ranking cardiovascular journal in the world confirms what we’ve been saying at GreenMedInfo for over a decade: LDL cholesterol is not an accurate predictor of future cardiovascular events and is not a good indicator of the underlying causes of heart disease -- the implication of which is statin drugs are useless at best, and cardiotoxic at worst.  Published in European Heart Journal and titled, “Development and validation of a ceramide- and phospholipid-based cardiovascular risk estimation score for coronary artery disease patients," the study sought to identify whether LDL-cholesterol or a new class of blood lipids known as ceramide lipids are best in predicting heart attack risk in coronary heart disease (CHD) patients.  Read more...



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