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Is pollution WORSE indoors? UK study finds households are “TOXIC boxes” that trap air pollution particles

When talking about “air pollution,” most people would imagine vehicles spewing exhaust on the highway and factories releasing clouds of pollutants into the air. Many people would never consider associating air pollution with the air inside their apartments or homes. However, recent evidence suggests that indoor air may actually be more polluted than the air outdoors.  In case studies commissioned by the environment charity Global Action Plan (GAP), researchers monitored the air in four households in London, Liverpool, Lancaster, and Pontypridd. They measured the level of ultra fine air pollution both inside and outside the properties for over 24 hours. Their findings showed that ultra fine particle pollution indoors was over three times worse than outdoor air pollution, turning many homes into “toxic boxes with pollution trapped inside,” said Chris Large, a senior partner at GAP.  Read more.....



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