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It Is Not Only the COVID-19 Virus that Is Dangerous. It Is How Our Body Reacts to It. Belgian Family Physician

Prime Minister of Belgium Sophie Wilmès has taken strong measures to reduce the rate of spreading of the disease, but many are of course asking their General Practitioner what is best to do to not catch it, or to overcome it, if you have caught it. Here is what I advise:  optimise your immune system with supplements and hygienic measures, including getting good sleep.  Eliminate all sources of unnecessary electromagnetic smog, especially during sleep. I do not advise my patients to take paracetamol, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as these would potentially lower the body’s healthy combative increase in body temperature: it is believed that bats survive the deadly viruses that they carry by attaining fever-like temperatures from the high metabolic activity of flying. One of my favourite ways to fight off a virus infection when it causes its initial myalgic symptoms, is to pour a quite hot bath, and relax one hour in it, adding hot water when needed.  Read more.....



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