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Juul Purposely Sold Tainted E-Cigarette Juice

For over five years I have warned readers about the dangerous effects of vaping. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, vape pens and electronic nicotine delivery systems, are marketed as, and widely believed to be, safer than combustible cigarettes. But these newer options may be just as dangerous as their predecessors. For example, e-cigarette devices contain toxic nicotine, heavy metals, fine particulate matter and formaldehyde1 and even threaten bystanders exposed to their second-hand "smoke." Nicotine is always addictive, regardless of its method of delivery, and some e-cigarettes, notably Juul, deliver significantly more nicotine than other cigarettes. Juul has been accused of deliberately targeting and hooking young people on its "slick" products while pretending they were intended for smoking cessation for adults.  Read more...



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