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Kids Who Grow Up With Pets Make More Sensitive, Sympathetic, Successful Adults: Research

For those of us who’ve had our lives enriched with new additions to our families—be they our children or new animal companions—it should come as no surprise that the benefits are myriad.  And for parents, while it may seem like too much work to bring a pet into the family—be it a cat, dog, guinea pig, or fish—the long-term gains of such a decision can far outweigh the costs.  In fact, studies have shown that children who grow up with pets often enjoy a major boost in terms of Emotional Intelligence or EQ, which can lead to better academic success not to mention an enhanced sense of responsibility, empathy, and a knowledge of the cycle of life that can equip children with a huge leg-up in life skills. As the Washington Post writes, “more than intelligence, EQ is the best indicator of a child’s likely success in school.”  Read more....



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