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Kudos To Louisiana State Rep. Abramson For Introducing House Resolution 145 “to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology and report its findings”

Well, well, well! It’s happening: The push to learn the hazards threatening human health and the environment from 5G cellular network technology by State Representative, Neil C. Abramson. Democrat, District 98 (Orleans Parish, New Orleans). How lucky are those living in that state to have a legislator who “gets it” regarding the fact no health or environmental hazards/adverse effects from INDEPENDENT SCIENCE STUDIES have been performed regarding fifth generation microwave technology (5G) currently being forced dogmatically—similar to mandatory vaccines enforcement—on to consumers, who have absolutely no idea what is about to befall them, their children, pets, an over-stressed environment including tech’s anti-natural workings compromising “Mother Nature,” i.e., weather geoengineering. Can/will 5G interfere with numerous high technologies, e.g., HAARP and spy satellites?  Read more...



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