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Lawsuit Challenges Fracking Leases Threatening Northern Arizona Groundwater

Conservation groups sued the Trump administration today for leasing 4,200 acres of public lands for oil and gas extraction in Arizona’s Little Colorado River basin without any new environmental review.  The leases, which convey development rights to industry, allow oil, gas and helium fracking that would industrialize public lands and threaten to pollute both air and water in the region’s most important aquifer, the Coconino. Fracking in the region also would threaten spills into the Little Colorado River and damage endangered species habitat.  “As a retired petroleum mining engineer and local landowner, I can say that injecting acid and other chemicals into rock layers above our aquifers is dangerous and difficult to control,” said Kevin Gibson, co-founder of Protect Our Water Arizona. “Every town, ranch, and family in our region depends on that groundwater. Risking it risks our collective future.”  Read more....



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