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Lead in the water? It might be due to manganese

Lead in the water is one of the most common reasons of heavy metal poisoning in children. This toxic substance ends up in drinking water when plumbing materials, such as old pipes, faucets and fixtures that contain lead corrode. Corrosion, or the wearing away of metal, can be caused by many factors, such as high water acidity, water temperature and the types and amounts of minerals present in the water.  One mineral, in particular, greatly influences the availability of lead in water that runs through lead pipes: manganese. According to researchers at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), this naturally occurring mineral serves as a catalyst for the conversion of lead carbonate into lead dioxide, a water-insoluble form of lead that can adversely affect the blood, bone marrow, nervous system and kidneys. This conversion occurs in the presence of chlorine, a known disinfectant commonly added to public water supplies.  Read more.....



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