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Low vitamin D levels linked to acute respiratory distress syndrome

When we hear about coronavirus deaths, a lot of them are being linked to a condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. While many COVID-19 patients do end up making a full recovery, those who have the misfortune of developing ARDS could lose their life. And while doctors are still trying to determine exactly why some patients are faring far better than others with the virus, some studies have already shown that ARDS is linked to low levels of vitamin D. One study, which was peer reviewed and published in the journal Critical Care, looked at lung epithelial cells in a lab as well as animals and humans in clinical settings. They determined that a dietary-induced vitamin D deficiency led to lung inflammation and damage. In the clinical study, all of the patients who suffered from ARDS were found to have a vitamin D deficiency, which is defined as blood levels that are less than 50 nmol/L.  Read more.....



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