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Malaria drug drove us to the edge of reason: Read terrifying stories of the travellers who claim taking Lariam wrecked their lives - after reports link the drug to the student who jumped from a plane over Madagascar

As police in Madagascar investigate the horrific death of Cambridge University student Alana Cutland — who threw herself from a small plane as it flew above the island — there is growing concern that her death might have been the result of a psychotic episode caused by the anti-malaria tablets she was taking.  Sources have revealed that the 19-year-old, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, had been 'staring into space' in the hours before her death, after enduring sleepless nights and bouts of paranoia.  There is still some confusion over exactly what anti- malarial medication Alana was taking, although the authorities are investigating whether her erratic behaviour could have been caused by Lariam (mefloquine), which has repeatedly been linked with side-effects including psychosis and is one of the recommended malaria prophylaxes across Africa — including Madagascar.  Read more...



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